500KG Concrete Cylinder Slides off truck, Crushes Man

A 41-year-old Bangladeshi man on Tuesday met an untimely end after a 500kg concrete cylinder broke loose and slid off a heavy duty and crushed him at KM60 of Jalan Batu Pahat-Mersing. 
The deceased, Amir Mahmud prior to the incidence, was fixing a broken pipe around the area. He however stopped to assist the lorry driver who was about to negotiate a U-turn before it happened at about 4:30pm.
District police Chief Assistant Commissioner Muhamad Laham narrating the story said: "The victim was standing too close to the lorry and did not have enough time to escape," he said.
Muhamad said Amir, who sustained serious head and body injuries, died on the spot.
His body was taken to Enche Besar Hajjah Khalsom Hospital for post mortem.
"Further investigation will be carried out to identify the cause of the incident, including possible negligence." he said.