Beyonce Is the Greatest Performer of All Time- Wendy Williams

Following the huge success of Beyonce’s 2-hour long Coachella concert, TV host, Wendy Williams has hailed her as the “Greatest Performer of all time” and to the chagrin of Michael Jackson’s followers
Reviewing the performances which featured guest appearances from both Jay-Z and Solange, as well as Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, who reunited with Beyoncé as Destiny’s Child, Wendy said:
“I’m out of breath just looking at her, all hail the queen,” Wendy began. “Beyoncé is the greatest performer of all time…living or dead!” before then making comparisons to Michael Jackson and Prince, “When you think Michael Jackson, you think the moonwalk, and he yes he did put a jet pack in and flew over a stadium, but Beyoncé is a HUMAN JET PACK, do you know what I mean? Prince, I get it, but NO NO AND NO. THIS (Beyoncé) is the greatest performer of all time.”
Well I doubt if 'Whacko Jacko’s' followers will accept this submission….Great performances though!