Church members struggle to worship the shoes of Pastor Mackenzie

Pictures which captured Congregants at the Empowerment City International Church in Bloemfontein South Africa struggling to worship the shoes of their prophet, Pastor Jacob Mackenzie, has appeared online.  
The photos which were shared on the official Facebook page of the Prophet as should be expected outraged a lot of people, who blasted the worshipers for their actions.
The photos were shared last Sunday and were captioned:
“Sunday service update. The Bezalel anointing. Raw power.”
Social media user Neziswa Mtwecu said people should read the word of God more carefully and obey his commandment that Christians must not idolize anything or anyone.
Sphiwe Nkosi said:
“These people seem to be worshipping this man rather than God. Not acceptable at all.
More social media users also reacted;
I use to go to one Pentecostal church some years bck whereby the pastor wld ask to sow seed of 20k above so he cn lay his shirt with sweat on our head and everyone wil rush including myself…omo my eye open when pastor asked for my contact and told me to hookup with him in one hotel..since then I stopped going there,God is jst too patient 😭when I told my mom she said don’t talk ill abt a man of God until I showed her d text bfr she also stopped going
So unfortunate!!!..Christianity is becoming a joke..sha theses are all signs of d end
South Africa is worst than us when it comes to religion. They like prophecy like no other thing. If you can just prophecy to them, they can offer anything. Religion is Africa’s problem.
Foolishness…….. They will go home and comeback with the same problems in their life next sunday except for divine intervention ( that has nothing to do with kissing this mans ass) …..tell me how this pastor won’t get carried away and misbehave with all this worshipping