Dating Timaya, my greatest regret in life – Actress Ummi Ibrahim Zee-Zee

Kannywood actress, Ummi Ibrahim Zee-Zee, in a recent chat with pressmen spoke on her life and career, as well as her love affair turned sour with Singer Timaya.
The sultry Bornu born actress, who was one of the top notch star in Northern Nigeria has however, been away from public gaze for a while.
When asked about any of her regrets in life, she replied:
Sometimes ago somebody was quoted as saying that I left Islam and converted to another religion because of my relationship with Timaya. I found it very difficult to believe. It was very much baseless and a mere allegation to tarnish my image. In fact in my entire life that is an incident I am finding it difficult to forget. I am a religious person. I love Islam and whenever I am free I read Hadith of the Holy Prophet a lot.
Talking about the most valuable accolade she ever received, the actress said:
The award I won for featuring in a film called ‘Jinsi’. I got my nickname ‘Zee-Zee’ from the film because I was a character named: ‘Zee-Zee’ which Fati Washa was the lead actress. People were asking whether it was my film. It was not my film and the cars used in the film too were not mine. My cars used to have’ Zee-Zee’ as their special plate number. But of recent I use security cars that have no numbers
About her long hair, Ummi Ibrahim asked if it was her selling point:
It is not true. Though you know I am shuwa/kanuri we have long hair and I am proud to display them but not always. Yet, I am a religious person. I read the Qur’an and Hadith and I try as much as possible to keep to the tenets of the religion. That is why if I am to come to this world again I want to still come as Ummi Ibrahim, a Muslim, a Nigerian.
The actress however said she doesn’t keep friends, either male or female:
 I don’t even keep friends, male or female. I had boyfriend when I was in Kannywood before my controversial relationship with Timaya. But all is now history. I have found a love of my life now.