Final year Student bathed with acid by course-mate over boyfriend Squabbles

The admin of a Facebook page- Signs Of modern relationships on Thursday posted a tragic story of one Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife  final year student who was allegedly bathed with acid by a group of girls who claimed she had snatched the boyfriend of one of them.
She shares her story below:

My name Is Favour, am a final year student of
Obafemi Awolowo University Ile ife,
I was coming from church one evening when
some group of girls followed me, at 1st I tought it
was just people going there way but they stopped
me and started beating me, one of them who I
letter found out to be one of my departmental
girl told me that I stole her boyfriend because I
thought I was pretty, she said she will make me
to be one of the ugliest human on earth, before I
could know whats happening, she has poured a
cold substance on me, at 1st
I thought it was
water or any
other liquid but before the next few minutes My
body began itching me and I fainted at the spot..
Only 2wake up the next 2days in the hospital to
find my self like this, am now partially
blind,disfigured and rumpled, the Doctors said I
need like 3million naira for a surgery in India to
look like human again.
Dear Fans, am not asking for Your Money here
but I only request your earnest PRAYERS. . please
pray for me for a successful Operation and God
will Bless and will never allow such a calamity to
come upon You and family in Jesus name I
Pray. . .
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