Girl Goes To Matric Dance In Coffin!

Shocking images and a clips of a girl arriving to her matriculation dance in a coffin has gone viral on social media.
In the pictures and video, the girl is seen been lying in a open coffin and later being carried out while surrounded by what appears to be her peers.
Although it is not clear where the pictures and the video originate, the story was ran by Black Loop, which is based in Brazil.
Many people on social media are outraged.
Daily Sun spoke to cultural expert Refiloe Waga Khunou who  called the act unacceptable.
“In terms of our culture, what you are doing is asking the universe what you will receive,” he told Daily Sun.
 Refiloe also said that he believes she is attracting bad luck to herself.
“She’s calling for her early death, she is calling for Karma to strike by making an early wish to die, and it doesn’t reflect well.
“Death is not something to be taken lightly,” he said.
“It is a serious thing. I don’t think it’s a good sign.
We have high respect. In our culture for death and what she is doing is end of her life.
“Maybe she wants to die,” he said.
Refiloe also condemned acts of popularity that undermine cultural beliefs.
“People do things wanting to be famous. People should not disrespect culture and want publicity. That girl needs to be educated in terms of culture.
“As much as she wishes to die, it will come true,” he also said.