"He's Morally Unfit To Be President," Says Ex-FBI Chief, Fired By Trump

Erstwhile FBI Director, James Comey who was fired recently by President Donald Trump has said his former Commander-in-chief is "morally unfit" for office.
Comey, who expressed this view in his first televised interview since being relieved of his job also said that it was "possible" that the Russians had material that could be used to blackmail him.
In a wide-ranging conversation with George Stephanopoulos broadcast on ABC late Sunday, Comey took aim at Trump in no uncertain terms, comparing his administration to a mafia family, likening his presidency to a forest fire and asserting there was evidence that he had committed a crime.
The Washington Post reports that Comey, however maintained he would not favor impeaching Trump to remove him from office, because that "would let the American people off the hook and have something happen indirectly that I believe they're duty-bound to do directly" - meaning through elections. But he made clear his view of whether Trump was fit to hold the position.
"This president does not reflect the values of this country," Comey said.
The interview airs just days before Comey is set to release a new book and embark on a media tour to promote it. Much of what Comey said to Stephanopoulos mirrors what he wrote, although his televised, extemporaneous comments are sure to attract the attention of the president, who is an avid TV viewer.
On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted criticism of Comey, denying some of Comey's allegations and alleging that Comey revealed classified information and lied to Congress.
"Slippery James Comey, a man who always ends up badly and out of whack (he is not smart!), will go down as the WORST FBI Director in history, by far!" Trump wrote.
The Washington Post was allowed to review a complete transcript of the Comey interview, which lasted nearly five hours.
Credit: The Washington Post