I Made Millions of Naira from Making Guns-Man

An illegal gun maker, Ibrahim Manu on Tuesday disclosed he has made millions of Naira from the illegal business which was passed down to him by his late father.
Manu, 50, who had been picked up by men of the Niger State Police Command at Beji Village in Bosso Local Government Area of Niger State, added that his family had been in the trade for so long that he didn’t know it was illegal.
Manu noted: “Everybody in Beji Village knows that my family fabricates firearms. In fact, it was synonymous with the family and I wonder why police could not arrest my father and other members of the family who were into it before I joined.
“I have made a lot of money from fabrication of firearms and other dangerous weapons. I joined this business when was 18 years old and I don’t think there is any business I will do better than this, it is unfortunate.
“I was doing this business as a legal one, not knowing that it was illegal. I go about my fabrication of firearms with no fear of contradiction; I thought it was a normal source of income because police have never arrested any member of my family as a result.”
The Nation learnt that the suspect was trailed and apprehended by an Armed Robbery Squad, following a tip-off.
It was suspected that Manu sold the weapons to armed robbers.
Nevertheless, he said he had no regrets about his profession.
“It is only when you know that you are committing an offence that you would have regrets; ordinarily I don’t have regrets for fabricating firearms, it is a profession.”