Insanity! Man caught ‘having sex’ with golf course hole

This is dreadful! Has the human race deteriorated so badly to the point that a man should start having sex with a hole in a golf course?
Anyway Metro has reported that gulf player, Steven Gayton while trying to complete the 18-hole course at Brackenwood Golf Course in Merseyside, UK stumbled upon the unusual scene.
The shirtless man was lying on the grass, his trousers around his knees as he got up close and personal with the flag pole.
After about a minute the man places the flag back in the hole, pulls up his trousers and saunters away.
He was on his own and it looked like he was doing it for a kick and filming himself doing it,’ Steven said. ‘From where we was it looked like he had his penis in the hole while he had the flag in his backside. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever had the misfortune to see.”