Juvenile Becomes ‘Sex Addict’ After being raped by Stepdad for Six Years

A Malaysian teen report says has became addicted to sex after her stepdad for over a period of 6 years molested her.
The consistent rape of 16-year-old Labuan native is believed to have triggered an emotional disturbance in the teen. She has since had sex with six men she met through Chinese social media platform, WeChat.
According to NST, her six-year-long ordeal in the hand of her mother’s husband was kept a secret until it blew into the open.
The teenager, who is still schooling, is now five weeks pregnant.
She only realised that she was pregnant when she began suffering stomach pains, dizziness and vomiting. She sought treatment at a hospital, and her pregnancy was confirmed.
A police report was subsequently lodged on Tuesday after she confessed that she had been raped by her stepfather since she was 10. The last time she was raped by the man was on March 10.
It is understood that the girl lived with her mother and stepfather since 2010 after her birth parents separated.
Sources said the sexual abuse began when she was 10, when the man showed her pornographic videos and began touching her inappropriately. A month later, her stepfather raped her when the girl’s mother was not at home.
The source said the girl had initially refused to lodge a report against her stepfather as she said she ‘loved’ him, and that he was the family’s sole breadwinner.
Meanwhile, Labuan district police chief, Superintendent Muhamad Farid Ahmad, confirmed the report and said the stepfather was arrested the same day the report was lodged.
“The suspect, 39, has been remanded from Wednesday for further investigation,” he said.