Man Bets his Wife on Manchester City, He Loses

A Tanzanian man, Amani Stanley is at the moment in anguish after a bet he placed on English Football team, Manchester City with his wife failed.
Stanley had promised to surrender his wife to his comrade Shilla Tony if rival Premier League club and neighbours, Manchester United won at its home.
However, Amani lost the bet as the Red Devils, through a second half comeback stopped, at least for a week the party at Etihad with a 3-2 win.
This home defeat means that Stanley will have to hand his wife over so as to fulfill the the contract in writing said that was penned on by the two friends.
The agreement reads:
“I hereby promise to give away my wife for an entire week to my brother Tony Shilla if Manchester City doesn’t win the league title against Manchester United.
I’m of sound mind and I’ve not been coerced into this agreement,” affirmed Amani Stanley as reported by Kenya’s Nairobi News.