Man gets Wizkid and Davido’s tattoos on his back (Photos)

An avid fan of Naija’s rave of the moment stars-Wizkid and Davido, went through pains to get the faces of the duo tattooed on his back.
The tattoo artist who applied the decorative designs posted this online…
See how people have been reacting to the young’s man tattoo:
“I tell people that we humans idolize artists. That’s why artists have the greatest power to change society from social menace. But no. Our artists are promoting drugs. Sex. Fast money. Rape. Etc. When you talk people will say is the artist the government that has failed to protect the people and provide for them. They forget that these artists are worshipped.”
“Went through all this pain just to draw someone else picture on your body, your mama picture de, your papa, your sisters and brother, na person way no no bout ur existence you draw, ur brain be paining you.”
“Wen dey start der fight nw, he would start having stretch marks all over his body”
“And this is what he sees as an achievement? bullshit continue.”
“Picture of both of them on ur back? Nigga pick a struggle, choose one.”
“His body his choice of whatever he feels like doing with it, y’all are not saint…so stop judging him.”
“Damn I forgot what I wanted to say, but some people most ve lost a lot of hope in life just to go and draw their age mate on they back ooo. Well who am I to judge I have my unknown future wife drawn on my balls 🏀 😩”