Man shoots wife thinking she was a burglar

An unsuspecting Florida housewife was shot twice by her husband who had mistaken her for an intruder, police said.
The couple, Nathan and Allison Simmons, who were both 31, according to reports initially, thought someone had broken into their Winter Garden home, located in Orlando but returned to sleep after ascertaining that it was not true.
However, Mrs Simmons got up about 45 minutes later to use the bathroom. She used the light from her cell phone to help guide her, according to WFTV.
Nathan Simmons woke up after his wife came out of the bathroom and shot her twice, thinking it was a burglar, before midnight, cops said.
She was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
Authorities say the couple gave similar accounts about the incident Wednesday. Cops are treating the shooting as accidental and the couple isn’t facing any charges, the Orlando Sentinel reported.