Mugabe Battling for Life In Hospital

Grace Mugabe’s appendectomy operation in Singapore last month did not go well, resulting in her alleged admittance into intensive care, as doctors are now reportedly battling to save her life, a report by a UK based website says.
The West Midlands based ‘Telescope News’ tabloid claims according to it’s ‘findings, Mrs Mugabe could also be suffering from septicemia, as her real medical problems remain a mystery.
Singapore based sources said: “there is not much information here either, but what we have heard is that Mugabe’s wife was admitted into ICU in January, and she is in a critical condition.”
“Furthermore, grapevine has it that she is suffering from septicemia, or blood poisoning.”
The source remained unverified at the time of writing.
Meanwhile another report states the contrary, that Mrs Mugabe is not suffering from any disease at all, but went low after being involved in a bitter altercation with her husband over her husband’s alleged ex- lover Oppah Muchinguri whose daughter Mugabe has mysteriously added to his will. While particular report could not be verified, it could be ascertained that Mugabe sometime in the 1980s made a mysterious donation to Mrs Muchinguri in the form of a house in Mt Pleasant.