Salesman abducts teacher, rapes her in desert

A 29-year-old Pakistani man was on Tuesday arraigned before a Dubai Court of First Instance for allegedly kidnapping a woman from a night club and driving her to the desert and taking advantage of her by force.
The 32-year-old woman from Belarus report says had gone with the accused who is a salesman to the said club where they had some drinks.
After the club shot their doors for the day, the teacher accepted the suspect’s offer to drop her back home, according to records, and went with him in his car to Port Saeed area.
GulfNews reports that while on transit, the Belarussian got frustrated with the salesman, who had rebuked her for dancing with other men in his presence.
The woman asked him to drop her on the roadside because she wanted to take a taxi since he was drunk.
The Pakistani refused to stop and insisted on driving her home himself until he reached a desert spot far away from her residence.
When the teacher asked the salesman why he had pulled over in that unpopulated area, the man told her because he wanted to have sex with her. When the Belarussian rejected his advances, he threatened to break her neck and kill her and insisted on having sex with her. When she refused for the second time, the salesman punched her and forced her to have sex with him.
Record said the Pakistani man beat the teacher and threatened to have her gang-raped if she continued resisting him.
Having bled from her mouth and felt pain, the teacher asked the man to drop her to a hospital for treatment.
When the Pakistani did not comply, she threatened to jump out of his car, said records.
When stopped the car, she jumped into the first taxi that she came across and begged the driver to take her to the nearest police station.
The Belarussian woman cooperated with the police that asked her to lure the Pakistani to go to her place before they apprehended him.
Prosecutors accused the salesman of kidnapping the teacher and raping her under threat to kill her and using physical violence.
The suspect pleaded not guilty when he showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.
“I didn’t kidnap her or rape her,” the suspect told presiding judge Shaikha Hamad.
The teacher told prosecutors that the suspect told her over the phone that he was waiting under her residence to drive her to the nightclub.
“I went with him in his car to the nightclub and stayed there until closing time. He agreed to drop me home … on the way we had a heated argument because he asked me why I had danced with others in front of him. I told him to drop me because he was drunk but he said that he was sober enough to drive me home. Then he went to a desert area where he beat me and forced me to have sex with him after he ripped off my dress. I reported the matter to the police once I convinced him to stop and let me get down,” she testified to prosecutors.
An Egyptian taxi driver told prosecutors that he spotted the woman jumping out of a car quickly and stopped him.
“She seemed petrified and her clothes were torn apart … her face was also bruised. She begged me to call the police. I dropped her to the police station,” he testified to prosecutors.
The suspect will hire a lawyer to defend him when the court reconvenes on April 29.
Credits: Gulf News