See Baby Praise, the kid whose prayer photos have gone viral

Baby Praise endeared herself to netizens after a picture with her kneeling and praying at a public event surfaced online. The images have also raised curiosity in the hearts of many and now people all over are asking ‘who’s that girl?’
Well, great news there! No need to search further because Nairobi News has managed to trace Baby Praise, the only child of New Song Worship Church’s Pastor Israel Ezekiel.
The photos which went viral were taken on Sunday when the three-year-old was attending a worship experience at Railways Club. Photographer Chris Wanga, popularly known as #PastorwaPicha, shared the photos on his Facebook page, ‘Worshiping Through The Lens’, and more than 380 users shared the post.
Pastor Israel, the father of Baby Praise, told Nairobi News that the little girl has always loved prayer time. He said,
“Her birth was mysterious and became a revelation that led to us naming her Praise. She had the umbilical code around her neck and despite us having prayed for the mother to have a normal delivery, the doctor recommended a Cesarean Section.
It was after she was born that we saw the umbilical code around her neck and interpreted it as an attempt by the devil to silence her. Because God had given us victory we decided to call her Praise.”
We learnt that Baby Praise often prays to the extent of crying, and when in church, she prays for congregants who come to the alter during prayer time.
“She usually comes to the alter when people come to be prayed for and stretches her hands towards them while praying. When you try to remove her from the alter she gets very angry and says that she needs to pray for people,” her father, Pastor Israel told Nairobi News.
During her free time, pretty little Baby Praise enjoys watching Christian channels where she listens and sings along to songs.