Tragic! 3-Year-Old Drowns while his Mother had sex with boyfriend

A 3-year-old Zim boy sadly drowned in a well, while his mom had sex with her lover at his house.

The infant who had accompanied his mother to her boyfriend’s residence was left outside to play when the tragic incident happened.
The child’s mother, identified as Lubelihle Hadebe (20), lives with her great grandmother, but also spends a lot of time with her Victor Moyo, who resides in the same neighbourhood.
Bulawayo Metropolitan police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the tragic incident
“We received a case of sudden death of a three-year old baby who fell into a 2 metre well and drowned. The baby’s mother was inside the house when her baby fell into a well between two houses.
 “We encourage residents to always cover pits and wells to avoid such dangers. Mothers should always learn to monitor babies at all times to protect them from being injured or even losing their lives like in this incident,” she said.
According to eyewitnesses it was the screams and cries of the people that alerted the mother and boyfriend duo that tragedy had befallen them.
The incensed mob gathered around lashed out at the couple for being irresponsible and the police had to intervene to prevent from delivering instant justice to the pair.
“How can you close doors for se_x leaving a three-year-old child alone outside? So they thought giving the child food to eat was caring enough? God has punished the woman and now how does she feel, having portrayed herself as the most irresponsible mother we have ever seen” one neighbor fumed
“If it weren’t for police, the couple would have been in hospital right now. We wanted to teach them a lesson they would never forget,” said the sources who preferred anonymity.
Lubelihle’s great grandmother, Eliza Hadebe expressed sorrow at the drowning of her small great grandchild.
“As you can see I’m very old and blind. I can’t say much as everything came to me as a story. I was here and the whole mishap came to me as hearsay. This is really a sad time,” she said.