World's Biggest Mosquito Discovered (Photos)

World's largest mosquito has been discovered!
Scientists from the Insect Museum of West China have discovered a giant mosquito with a wing span of 11.15cm in China’s Sichuan province.
According to reports, the mosquito belongs to the species Holorusia mikado, and was found in August last year. Speaking to the Xinhua news agency, Zhao Li, curator of the museum, said:
“These mosquitoes look horrendous, but do not feed on blood. The adults have a life span of only a few days and mainly feed on nectar.
"There are tens of thousands of types of mosquitoes in the world. Barely 100 species feed on blood and may be a problem for humans.”
The species is mainly found in the Chengdu plain, and in mountainous areas below 2,200 metres.
Mr Li added:
“They are weak fliers because of their big bodies. When they fly, it is more like hopping. More often than not, they are found in areas with dense vegetation.”