62 Year Old Grandma gets in bed with 25 Year Old Man, Forcing hubby Asks For Divorce

A 70-year-old Zim man, William Magosvongwe has asked a Magistrate Court in the country to dissolve his marriage after his wife allegedly slept with a man young enough to be her son.
His wife, Madam Emily (62) according to him had been having an extra-marital affair with their 25-year-old neighbour.
“Your Worship, you have to divorce us today. If you do not, the next time I come before you it will be because I would have murdered this woman due to her wayward ways,” he begged the court for a divorce.
“What I do not understand is why a 62-year-old woman who already has grandchildren and children who are staying abroad would have extra-marital relationships. Something is amiss here,” Ms Nyasha Kuture, the Magistrate asked.