Actress Publicly shames man who couldn’t satisfy her in bed after bragging for days (Video)

Upcoming Ghanaian actress and model, popularly known as A.J Poundz has shared her worst sex experience.
The thespian who was born 'Matilda Adjoa Densu' in a conversation with said she would not name the adult male who made her regret ever having such an encounter.
According to the proud mother of one, the man whose name she failed to mention bragged for several days that she would “kill” her anytime they engage in a sexual intercourse.
A.J Poundz further said she was afraid to sleep with the gentleman after listening to him sing his own praises on several occasion about his capabilities in bed.
After gathering the courage to meet the guy for the sexual bouts, the ‘Efiawura’ actress continued that he could not do anything. She revealed that the man was very poor in bed.
The actress further stated that she has never witnessed such a bad sexual experience in her several years on earth.
Aside from the “one-minute” job the man performed on the day, the A.J Poundz again disclosed that he had a small machine gun.