Bill Gates Warns a Deadly Disease Could Wipe Out 30 Million People In Just Six Months

Former richest man on earth and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has warned that a deadly disease could be on its way.
Speaking at a conference last month, Gates claimed that the disease could spread in as little as six months, wiping out up to 30 million people in the process.
He said: “There’s one area where the world isn’t making much progress and that’s pandemic preparedness.”
Gates warned that hackers could develop weaponized diseases, and pointed out that a deadly form of smallpox could be created in a lab.
And with travel around the globe now widespread, it wouldn’t be long before such a deadly disease would spread.
At the conference, Gates played a video showing a simulation of how quickly a deadly flu strain could spread.
Worryingly, the simulation suggested that a flu could kill 30 million people in just six months.