Black Magic! Stolen Bag of Maize Gets Stuck to Man’s Head forcing him to hands self over to Police

Incredible, you would say! But this is Africa and stuff like this happens here.
The Police in Tanzania confirmed this…
A man, identified as Frank Buhet steals 50kg sack of maize from a woman, puts it on his head to aid his easy escape, but eventually finds out it can’t get it off his head.
So to avoid being lynched by the victim, and possibly the owner’s neighbours, the man resorts to turning himself over to the police…at least a jail sentence is better than death.
Buhet, according to FACE OF MALAWI realized that something strange had happened to his life when he started walking from one road to another but the load was still hanging on the head.
On sensing danger, he laid himself down on the ground but the load was still unable to slip off his head.
After weakening and almost feeling like bursting, Buhet asked his wife to call police before mob could land on him and finish him, reports claim.
At the police station, the stolen luggage remained stuck on his head until the owner of the stolen property showed up…!