Breaking! Zidane Resigns as Madrid's Coach

Real Madrid are on the look-out for a new manager after Zinedine Zidane resigned from his post.
The three-time Champions League-winning boss announced his decision at an impromptu press conference at 12 noon BST on Thursday.
"What I think is that this team needs to continue winning but I think it needs a change, a different voice, another methodology and that's why I took this decision," he said.
"Of course it can be a 'see you later' because Madrid has given me everything. I will be around, close to this club all my life but the decision, maybe for many doesn't make any sense, for me it makes sense.
"If I was the manager here next season, it would have been tough for us to win trophies. You saw in the Copa this season and I can't forget out domestic campaign that easily here.
"It is the moment to make a change, also for the players. After three years, it's what I have decided to do. I think it is the right one but I completely understand any reaction. I want to thank the fans - they've always backed me as a manager and as a player. They have always respected what I've done, even when I wasn't playing well.
"I have a close link with this set of fans and I thank them for all that support and love.
"We have lived complicated moments this season and we heard the whistles from the fans but that's part of this club and demanding fans. That's what the players need sometimes, when the fans actually push you it just makes you better.
"I’m not going to coach another team right now. I’m not looking for another team."