Cockroach crawls into Woman's Ear, Stays There for More Than a Week

A cockroach last April crawled into the left ear of an American woman, Katie Holley while she slept.
Awoken by the feeling of something cold sliding inside her ear at about 1:14 am, Holley initially thought it was just a small piece of ice. She rushed to the bathroom, grabbed a cotton bud, and slowly stuck it into her ear. However, she felt it move and burrow deeper into her ear canal.
When she pulled the cotton bud out, she noticed two dark brown pieces that looked like legs.
Panicking, she called her husband, Jordan Holley who rushed into the bathroom to help his wife. Using a pair of tweezers, he managed to pull out a few more legs of what belonged to a palmetto bug also known as a Florida wood cockroach.
Anyone who lives in a hot and humid area will know that cockroaches thrive in dark and damp places. A few weeks before the incident, Katie had called local exterminators to spray every room in their home in Melbourne, Florida. 
She felt a sense of relief thinking that the pests were completely removed from their house.
However, much to her shock, one little guy was left behind and decided to set up his home in the coziest of spaces... her ear.
As she and her husband rushed to the emergency room, Katie could feel the little creature wriggling around inside her ear