Disney Dishonours Michael Jackson With New Effort-Star’s Agents

Late King of Pop, Michael Jackson's estate manager are angered that ABC could think of shooting a documentary called "The Last Days of Michael Jackson" and trashing the singer, while taking advantage of his legacy during the process.
A rep for the estate tells TMZ, it's especially galling that Disney which owns ABC, and sometimes viciously protects its image would sully the image of Michael. The rep called Disney's conduct "disgraceful."
The rep went on to say this -- "What if we did a documentary on the relationship between Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and some of the rumors they were drug abusers? How would Disney like that?"
TMZ was told Disney has not paid a cent for photos or music for the upcoming TV special, and the MJ estate will be watching like a hawk to see if any of those assets appear in the show.  But, their sources say, the Estate's issue is not money, it's that they think the show is irresponsible and dishonors Michael.