Doctor Orders Pregnant Cardi B Off Social Media To Avoid Stress

Hip Hop’s queen, Cardi B has been temporarily ordered off Social Media, an inside source said by her doctors so as to reduce her amount of stress.
The insider explained, "It was too much stress, dealing with the haters on Instagram. The doctor told her to stay off for now."
The insider said:
“so far; Cardi's pregnancy is COMPLETELY healthy- but they want to keep it that way. The insider explains, "Cardi was getting really stressed out, and everyone is worried."
The insider claims that Cardi has been ordered off social media weeks ago by her Obstetrician, but Cardi had not taken her docutor's advice. The snitch continued, "Cardi should have gotten off a long time ago. But she's off now, and everyone is happy.
The social media stress this time was started by none other than Azealia Banks.