Drama As 17-Yr-Old Girl Smashes Bottle over the head of Local Chief Over Dressing Dispute

A 17-YEAR-OLD Zim girl who was reprimanded by a Chief Siabuwa (52) of Binga for being skimpily dressed, eventually hit the traditional leader with a beer bottle in his face.
The stitched Chief spoke on the issues:
“The teenagers were walking in a public place, inde_cently dressed and so I tried to warn them for their own protection because that could result in them being abused by men. In our society and culture, females don’t dress in the manner they did,” said the area chief.
“She continued to yell at Mbimbi and returned to where we stood, picked up an empty bottle of beer from the ground and hit me right in the face. Well, I hope the teenagers will get real counselling to restore their values and morals which they seem not to have at all,” he said.