Lagos Insist Marriage Certificates Issued By Ikoyi Registry after 2004 Must Be Revalidated (Video)

Following last week’s court ruling that marriages conducted by the Federal Registry, Ikoyi are not legally binding, the Lagos State Government have insisted that all certificate received from the once prestigious outfit be revalidated as they would no longer be accepted by any organ of the state for official purposes.  

Stating this at a recent press conference aired on Channels TV’s Dateline Lagos, the President, Association of Lagos Marriage Registrars, Deji Sokoye emphasized that recipients affected should visit marriage registries in the local government and local council development areas, which the judgment describes as the only authentic and legally-binding government divisions established and empowered to carry out such functions, to effect the changes.
As it turns out, there had been a ruling like this in 2004, which the Ikoyi registry and the federal government, apparently, disregarded, and the court case proceeded.