Male to Female Transgender Stops taking hormones in order to resume living as Man

A Trans Woman, Alexander Veach who spent three years undergoing procedures to change her sex from male to female has stopped taking the hormones, with the hope of resuming his life as a man soon.
The 30-year-old model who is a native of Los Angeles, California, decided to return to his birth-assigned gender, having lived as a woman and also tried to be both a male and female.
Dubbed the ‘bigender doll’, he spent a whopping $10,000 (7.3kGBP) on his transformation, carefully balancing oestrogen and testosterone along with laser hair removal all over his body.
But last year, while acting as a transgender female-to-male character in a play at the Underground Theater in Hollywood, he realized he could no longer keep living as a woman named Aria and started to revert.
Now he’s happier than ever but battles the difficulties of having enlarged round breasts and is currently trying to rid himself of gynecomastia through working-out.
Alexander, a bioengineer, said: “I’m stable living as Alexander now, I was Aria for three years. Aria and Alex have two hugely different lives.
“I’m not someone living in a box, I don’t let gender norms tell me what to do or stop me from having a place in society.
“People think I’m fake and not genuine but I really believed head-to-toe that I was a woman in a man’s body.
“Since reverting back, people have commented on my bigger breasts but I’ve been doing an insane number of in order to hide my breasts I started a physical training workout of push-ups and cardio to try to transform my body again.