Man Juggled 3 Wives, Went For 'Work Tours'. Until All 3 Connected

This Rajasthan businessman's story bears striking resemblance to one of David Dhawan's directorials from the 90s, and similar films where a "smart" husband would marry two or more women, and the rest of the film would be about his balancing act, lies and unbelievable situations.
A woman from Uttar Pradesh has alleged that her husband, Sameer, has married nine times and she was his seventh wife. But the man has refuted her claims and said that "she took his joke seriously" and he, infact, has married "thrice only". When all his wives got to know about each other, a complaint was filed in Lucknow's Thakurganj and he was arrested on Tuesday.
The woman, Afsha, in her complaint said that she was suspicious of her husband's activities. "My husband would often get calls from a woman called Neha. He would never let me touch his phone, but once I managed to find her number and called her. When Neha picked up, she said she claimed to be his cousin's wife," she said, according to news agancy ANI.
Afsha added, "My husband would transfer money to different accounts. He would often go on what he claimed were 'work tours'. He used to take my car and whatever cash I had at that moment. Three days ago, I got a friend request on Facebook from a woman called Yasmeen who also claimed to be his wife and said she recently got to know about Neha."
The two women exchanged notes and his "well-kept secret" was revealed. They decided to inform the police and as soon as Sameer returned to his UP home on Tuesday from one of his tours, Afsha dialled 100.
The man told the police he was a resident of Chittorgarh in Rajasthan. "He says he is married to three women (only) and has three children with Neha. We are verifying the allegations made by the woman in her complaint," said an officer at Thakurganj police station.