Man rapes and impregnates neighbour, torments her with witchcraft claim

A 26-year-old Zimbabwean has been dragged to court after he reportedly raped and impregnated his 21-year-old neighbour.
The accused, according to reports had told the victim, who hailed from Pumula East suburb that his uncle who was a witch-doctor, would diabolically stop him from being brought to book for his heinous crime.
This claim, the court was told initially stopped the victim from telling anyone else or lodging a complaint with the Police herself until her mother discovered that she was pregnant.
The accused was not asked to plead to rape charges before Ms Gladmore Mushove. He was remanded in custody to this Friday and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.
For the State, Ms Petronila Ngwenya said the woman was allegedly raped last year in November at Cement Siding where the man and the woman’s mother are neighbours.
“The woman had visited her mother in Cement Siding and she told her aunt that she wanted to go back to Pumula East. The man offered to accompany her since he wanted to go to the city centre. He said they were supposed to pass by his house first and when they arrived the man grabbed the woman by her hand, pulled her to the bed and raped her,” she said.
“The woman tried to fight but he overpowered her. After the rape she told the man that she would report him, but he told her that his uncle was a witch doctor and no one would arrest him. The woman kept the matter a secret.”
“In December last year, she told him that she was pregnant and he suggested that they continue having sex. The two had sex several times until the woman’s mother discovered that she was pregnant.”
When asked about the pregnancy, the woman stated that she had been raped by the man and was six months pregnant.