'Suicidal’ man gets Crushed by a Train

A suicidal man on Tuesday saw his wish come through after he was crushed by a moving train bound for Victoria Fall.
The 34-year-old native of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe was mangled by the train after he jumped into its path.
According to Bulawayo24, the incident took place as the mass transit made attempt to leave the National Railways of Zimbabwe station. Mpofu is said to have been carrying a national identity card and a note with cellphone contacts which were assumed to be of his relatives.
Sources said Mpofu was seen walking near the edge of the railway line before jumping to his death.
"When the train was approaching Siphaziphazi near Bulawayo City Council's Luveve Water Works, Mpofu was seen walking close to the railway line. The train driver sounded the horn to warn him but he instead jumped in front of the train. It dragged him for about 400 metres before stopping," said the source.
The train crushed him and dismembered his body.
"The site of the accident was very messy. You wouldn't want to see that happening to anyone. His body had been cut into pieces. The right leg from the knee was cut off. It was found maybe over a metre from the body along the railway line. There were deep cuts from both the left and right side of his body," he said.
The source said upon searching his body, it was discovered that he was in possession of cellphone contacts.
"In one of his pockets there was a small piece of paper with contact details. He did not leave any other note but I suspect the contacts could lead to him being identified," said the source.
NRZ public relations manager Mr Nyasha Maravanyika confirmed the suspected suicide urging members of the public not to walk near the railway line.
"Yes, there is a man who was crushed to death by one of our trains and the case was reported at Luveve Police Station. We want to urge members of the public to stay away from the railway line.
"They should at least be at a distance of 90 metres from the railway line when they are not at the railway line designated crossing point," said Mr Maravanyika.
He said it was unfortunate that many people were using the train to commit suicide and advised members of the public to seek better means of solving problems instead of resorting to a ''painful death."
Bulawayo province police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said no foul play was suspected.
"Police attended to a case where a 34-year-old man is suspected to have committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a moving train. The case has been treated as sudden death as no foul play is suspected," said Insp Simango.
She urged members of the public to seek counselling services when having problems instead of taking their lives.