14-Year-Old Student Stabs Classmate to Death Because He Knocked him off first Position in Class

Oriental Daily and Sin Chew reported that the young suspect had always been an overachiever at a school in Shandong, a province located in the east of China
He stood out among his peers by becoming the top student in class year after year.
It was reported that a classmate fared better than him in a recent exam and became the top student in class.
The accused teenager feared that his friend would again fare better than him in the next examinations.
After school, he stalked his competition and stabbed him a total of 13 times, Oriental Daily reported on Saturday, 9 June.
The classmate died from fatal injuries to the heart and major arteries. 
The suspect, who is a son of two teachers, had been under immense pressure to perform well at school
"We did not expect something like this to happen," the school principal was quoted as saying by Sin Chew. He also revealed that the victim was really studious and excelled in Math.
The police are currently investigating the tragic incident.