Apostle Suleman Restores Kid Siblings Who Were Blind From Birth

During His earthly mission, Jesus Christ performed spectacular miracles, to the admiration of His disciples and the people generally. And after His ascension, the Apostles continued in that fashion, so much that their shadows were said to have healed diverse ailments.
 Back here in Nigeria, records have it that men of God in the likes of Apostle (Prof.) Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, are walking in the steps of Christ as, on the regular basis, God through them raises the dead, heals lepers and lunatics, the lame, just as the blind had their vision restored. Meaning, therefore, that the ability and power to heal and perform outstanding miracles did not disappear with Jesus and the early apostles. 
 Thursday, 7th of June, 2018, was another moment of glory at the OFM, as two children of the same mother who were born blind had their sight restored by God through the servant of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman.
 The moment was defining and amazing for when the miracles happened, it moved to tears not just most members of the congregation, junior ministers of God present also cried because the miracle was too obvious given that it involved kids, especially a seven-month old baby.
 “There is someone here who has a child that’s three years old and is blind,” announced Apostle Suleman halfway into the Thursday service. “I hear David,” he added just as he said “and the person has another child that’s seven months old; that child is also blind. I hear Isaac.”
 Just as the servant of God made the announcement, a woman was seeing struggling through the church audience with two kids. “These two kids are blind, it’s a curse,” Apostle Suleman stated as the woman made her way to the front. As the mother confirmed that both little David, eleven years old, and Isaac, seven months old are her kids, Apostle Suleman offered to bless both of them.
“Lift the eyes,” he ordered the mother, as he pressed on the eyeballs of Isaac and prayed. “See!”, he thundered. “Father, you are a miracle worker. This is a child. This is innocent. Open these eyes. Let the eyes open. Let the eyeballs move; let the eyes be clear! Now, not tomorrow, now! In the name of Jesus.” Tap the child, tap the child, tap the child, he said repeatedly as the Baby Isaac in steady progress opened his eyes. The wonder was greeted by thunderous applause from the congregation, followed by songs of praise.
The celestial act was repeated on the older child, David, although his case was spectacular because his eyes were sealed, without eyeballs!
 “With the kind of anointing that is here, you can’t be deceived by the Devil that you will go back home the same, that you will not be healed,” Apostle Suleman assured his audience, and all he did afterwards was ask God through Jesus to open the eyes.
“I believe in my prayer. If you don’t believe in your prayer, demons cannot fear your prayer,” Suleman opined as little Master David regained his eyesight.