Cardi B says she won’t hide her stripper past from her daughter

US Rapper, Belcalis Almanzar, popularly known by her professional name, ‘Cardi B’ has disclosed she won’t shy away from telling her daughter about her stripper past.
Speaking in the latest edition of Rolling Stone, the Bodak Yellow rapper discussed the impending birth of her daughter with fiancé Offset and the kind of values she wants to impart on her.
“I'm going to tell her everything. Everything,” she said about her past, adding that she will discuss her daughter's options available to her in order to make it in the world.
“You have a choice. I could maintain you. I could spoil you if you go to college. Or if you want to be independent, go ahead. When you a teenager and you 18, 19, you can't get no job that pays you more than $200 a week.”
Cardi added: “You want to become a stripper? Cause I became a stripper 'cause I ain't have no choice. You gonna be getting your ass smacked by niggas that have less money than you, less of an education than you, but they going to feel like they better than you because they feel like you need them. You want to live like that? That's how I'm going to talk to my kid.”
The I like It rapper has been taking it easy after announcing her pregnancy in April, with her last performance being the 2018 Broccoli City Festival.