Court Awards Woman N36m After being Hit in the Head with a Bowl of Spaghetti

A Jury in Connecticut on Friday awarded a local identified as Constance Koulmey over $100,000 (N36,100,000) in damages after she was hit in the head by a bowl of pasta at a restaurant.
The bowl was thrown by a man Ms. Koulmey alleges was intoxicated and hit her as she was leaving Roma’s Ristorante in Oakville, Conn., according to the lawsuit.
The defendant, James Sweeney, was aiming for the man he was arguing with at the time — but missed and hit Constance.
As the bowl struck her head, the sauce from the dish began to “drip down her head, onto her face and in her eyes.”
The unexpected hit also caused her to fall and strike her head, according to the lawsuit.
Constance suffered a concussion, experienced eye pain, burning and blurry vision — ailments she fears could be permanent. She also says her fur coat was damaged.
We’re sure James didn’t expect a dinner to end up costing him $100,000 — but it’s his own fault.