Facebook in fresh Data Sharing Crisis

The New York Times has discovered that Facebook for over a number of years has been sharing user data with phone and other device makers including Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Blackberry, and Microsoft.
The report reveals that Facebook has been sharing the data of users, their friends, and the friends of their friends, with at least 60 device makers.
This is coming a few months after it was revealed that the social networking giant had shared data of up to 87 million users with Cambridge Analytica, which may have influenced the US 2015 elections.
In this new scandal, it was revealed that the device makers had access to the data of users and their friends who believed they had secured their information.
A Times reporter had been able to get, through BlackBerry’s Hub app, detailed information of 556 friends, including sensitive information about religion and political leanings.
Information of 294,258 friends of friends was also identified using the Hub app.
BlackBerry responded to the Times reports, saying it does “not collect or mine the Facebook data of [its] customers.”
Apple, on the other hand, said it stopped giving its iPhones that access since September 2017.
Microsoft said Facebook data gotten by its users remained on their devices and was not uploaded to their servers, while Samsung and Amazon failed to respond to the Times’ question.