Husband and wife chat results in a stab on the neck

An unsuspecting 20-year-old woman in Dedza, Malawi has been admitted at a near by hospital, after her husband stabbed her on the neck with a sharp knife over an undisclosed reason.
Confirming the incident, district deputy police publicist constable Cassim Manda identified the victim as Edilita Hanania aged 20 of Kaularo village in the area of traditional authority.
Kamenyagwaza and the suspect as Alifoso Esau aged 27 of Chimkombero village T/A Kamenyagwaza both in Dedza district.
According to Manda, the victim went to her friend’s house and when she came back she realized that she didn’t have matches.
She then went to her neighbour’s to borrow some matches.
While still there, her husband followed and told her that they have to talk.
She went back home where suddenly the husband picked a sharp knife and cut her on the neck.
The motive behind his aggressive act is still unknown.
Dedza Police have since launched a full-scale manhunt to catch the suspect.