Mamuzee Twins React to Daddy Showkey’s Claims They Neglected Their Mother Leading to her death

Dancehall exponent, Daddy Showkey on Thursday chided singing duo Mamuzee for abandoning her for 17 years and mourning her when she died recently.
Showkey said, ‘no mind those bastard idiot boys, they are stupid idiots. Those boys abandoned their mother for 17 years because one idiot pastor tells them say their mama na witch. The mama wey bornuna, wey no kill una till una dey successful, the woman born 10 children and all of una dey alive o’.
The twins have now replied to this, according to Linda Ikeji Blog, the Mamuzee twins said, “first and foremost we are not going to say anything at the moment until our mum is buried. She’s our mother and we are going to show her that respect until she’s buried.”
The Twins according to Daddy Showkey neglected their mother after a pastor told them their mother was a witch and holding them from having children.