Murder Suspect Flees Country, Becomes Monk, but His Jesus Tattoo Gives Him Away

A Malaysian man who had allegedly masterminded the gruesome murder of his compatriot at a petrol station in Johor last December has been caught by Thai police.
The suspect killed a man after stabbing him and running him over twice in Taman Sri Pelangi, Johor Bahru on 17 December.
In an attempt to turn over a new leaf, the man became a Buddhist monk one month after the incident. The 36-year-old was arrested at a temple compound in the Chaiyaphum province of Thailand, Coconuts KL reported.

Thai police were initially uncertain whether the monk was the same man in the photo provided by Malaysian police, due to a drastic change in his appearance.
SAYS reports that since adopting the pious life of a Buddhist monk, which includes a strict eating regimen of only one meal per day, the suspect appeared to have lost a significant amount of weight.
However, Thai police had a sure-fire way of identifying the murder suspect; through a tattoo of Jesus Christ on his arm
Police called the monk's large arm tattoo the "smoking gun" in identifying him as the murder suspect, and were later able to confirm their suspicions through other smaller tattoos on his body.
According to Coconuts KL, the man and his wife were arrested last Tuesday.
Watch the full video of the incident from last December here:
Warning: Graphic content ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.