Nigerian Man Arrested For Duping Vietnamese Woman of N128m

A 43-year-old Nigerian man, Remigus Duru Okonkwo was arraigned before a Cambodian court on June 17th after a Vietnamese businesswoman, Darg Mai Nga accused him of defrauding her of $356,000 (about N128,160,000).

According to the Vietnamese woman's complaint, in January 2018, the victim got to know the suspect through the social media.
On January 10, the suspect went to Hanoi to meet the victim, and convinced her to invest in a brick-making factory in Cambodia. The suspect took the victim to visit Cambodia to see the the factory site, and told her that it belonged to his friend.
The victim believed his story and she decided to invest in the business. The victim subsequently transferred money 5 times to a bank account, sending $356,000 in total.
After receiving all the money, the suspect turned off his phone so the victim was unable to contact him for a while.
On June 15, the suspect called the victim, and told her that the factory was nearly completed, but he needed her to invest another $150,000.
The victim stopped believing Okonkwo after that, so she made an appointment to meet in Cambodia again, and called the Cambodian police to arrest the suspect when he came to meet her.