Robert Mugabe flown to Singapore after his health suddenly deteriorated

Rumours making the rounds in Zimbabwe hold that the erstwhile President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe who has not been seen in public for a while was reportedly flown to Singapore for medical check-ups two weeks ago.
According to an inside source, the 94-year-old ex-leader was rushed out after his health suddenly deteriorated.
“He slipped out of the country two weeks ago after his blood pressure suddenly rose to dangerous levels. He also had trouble with his eye which previously has been diagnosed with a cataract,” a source close to the former Zanu PF leader claimed.
Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Joey Bimha said he was not sure of Mugabe’s whereabouts as he was also out of the country on government business.
“I am not sure about that because I am currently in Angola. You might need to check with the office,” Bimha said.