Saudi Arabia issues first Driving Licenses to Women

Saudi Arabia has issued its first driving licenses to a woman, marking an end to the age-long practice that saw females banned from driving Al Jazeera reports.
Saudi government had said in September 2017 it would reconsider the decision, a move that indicated the country’s willingness to return to a “moderate Islam,” according to the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.
Ten Saudi women have so far been issued driving licenses, with internationally recognized driving licenses being swapped with Saudi ones.
The first woman to receive hers was recorded, a video which has gone viral on social media.
The process is expected to roll out over the month of June, across various spots in the country.
Prior to the move allowing women to drive, Saudi Arabia had been the only country in the world that banned women from driving.
The women rights activists who had fought for the right to drive were recently arrested, the state branding them a threat to national security.