Watch Police Dog Perform CPR to revive man

A police dog who didn't hesitate for a moment to "save the life" of his human partner is the Internet's new hero.
"Officer Poncho" rushed to perform CPR on his trainer in a video that was tweeted by Municipal Police of Madrid on Friday. It has already been retweeted over 11,700 times and watched over two million times.
In the video, a police officer (and K-9 trainer) falls to the ground and pretends to lose consciousness during a training exercise. That's when the tiny black dog leaps into action.
Poncho the police dog scampers over and appears to perform chest compressions on his human trainer. He jumps up and down on the human's chest, using his front paws to "revive" him. The dog even checks whether the man is breathing by flopping down near his face. The dog even has a flashing police light on his back.
A few moments later, the police officer sits up, and gives the dog a well-earned treat as a reward for his "life-saving" skills.
Watch the heartwarming video:

Madrid Police's tweet ends with a quote from Josh Billings: "The dog is the only being in the world that will love you more than you love yourself."
The video has been watched 2.2 million times already, with many thoroughly impressed by "Officer Poncho" and some wondering if a canine actually can perform CPR.
"Very, very impressive," tweeted one person.
"As much as I love seeing a dog giving CPR, does this actually work? I know it says experimental. But is this a viable option?" wondered another. "Probably not the best, but if someone is alone the little pressure they are putting could do something until someone else comes," replied a Twitter user.
But mostly, the Internet loves Poncho, the police dog. "I'm crying watching a police dog trying to give CPR and checking the owner's breathing. Dogs are the best," wrote a Twitter user.