Woman Confesses To Killing Her Husband Because He Beat The Family Cat

The Police in Northern Dallas is set to prosecute a resident who allegedly shot her husband dead because he had been beating their pet cat. Mary Harrison canvassed the neighborhood in northeast Dallas, looking for her lost cat.
She put up signs pleading for her pet’s return, and neighbors say the cat eventually turned to the family, local media reported.
Dallas Police officers responding to a call about a shooting early Saturday were met by Harrison, 47, the department said in a statement.
She told police she had had enough and shot her husband.
According to police reports, Dexter Harrison, 49, was transported to Texas Health Dallas, where he was pronounced dead. His wife was taken to police headquarters. She confessed to shooting her husband for what she says was abuse of the pet.
Harrison was arrested for murder with a bond set for $100,000, Dallas County Jail records show.
The Washington Post