Woman Narrowly Escapes Death After Speeding Car Grazes her while Crossing Road (Video)

An absent-minded lady in China narrowly escaped being knocked down by a speeding car while crossing the road.
Miraculously, she only lost her shoes and phone, she was making a call with while crossing the road. 
The dramatic moment captured on surveillance camera showed how the woman walked away unhurt after the close shave with the vehicle.
Video released by China's CGTN shows the woman crossing the road while talking on the phone, unaware of the oncoming vehicle. The driver appears to quickly maneuver the car to avoid hitting the woman but with barely any distance left, the car grazes the woman from behind. She is thrown off by the impact but surprisingly appears unhurt. Shockingly, she only loses one shoe and mobile phone after her brush with the speeding SUV. The entire episode unfolds in a matter of seconds.
According to CGTN, the shocking incident took place in China's Yichun city on May 20.