Worker Kills Employer and his lover Over Unpaid Salary

A MAN decided to kill his boss and his girlfriend because his boss refused to pay him the 15 months salary he was owed.
What finally pushed the twenty-eight-year-old suspect over the edge was that his employer, Abubakar Yusuf, kept showering girlfriend Lorraine Onye with cash and gifts instead.
According to Punch, the suspect was a trained technician and employed by Yusuf, a lieutenant in the navy, to do odd jobs around the house in Port Harcourt, southern Nigeria. He earned N15 000 (about R570) a month. As the suspect was preparing for his wedding, he asked Yusuf to keep his money and pay him a lump sum when he asked for it.
In his statement to the cops, the man said: “From January, I asked him repeatedly for the money he owed me. He said he had no money and that I was disturbing him. He said he was also planning his wedding.”
Then on 3 May, he returned to Yusuf’s house after staying away for a few weeks. There he found Onye, who told him that Yusuf had bought her a phone and given her N300 000 (about R11 400) to rent a house.
“I was annoyed as she was saying all this. I pretended that I admired her hairstyle and told her to turn her back. The moment she did so, I strangled her. She was foaming at the mouth. She died afterwards. I hid her corpse somewhere in the room and covered it with clothes,” said the suspect in his confession.
Unsuspecting Yusuf returned home in the evening and went to bed. The suspect waited until 4am to stab him to death while he slept.
“I packed his corpse in a bag and kept it in the boot of his car parked on the premises. I cleaned the bloodstains on the floor, wore his uniform and drove the car out of the barracks. I drove the car to a village called Apani and dropped his body in a bush. I looked for a tyre and set his corpse ablaze. I burnt it so that nobody would be able to trace him,” he said.
Still dressed in Yusuf’s uniform, the suspect then sold Yusuf’s car, a Hyundai Veloster, for N1,9 million (about R72 000) in Benin City, 300km away from Port Harcourt. He also travelled to Lagos, a further 270km away, to withdraw N250 000 (about R9 500) from Yusuf’s bank account.
The suspect was eventually bust when he returned to Port Harcourt last Monday, when cops traced Yusuf’s cellphone to a friend of his.
In his statement, the suspect said: “I killed them out of anger. It was not intentional. All I want is forgiveness.”
He is now awaiting trial.