141-year-old on Zimbabwe’s voters list

The world's oldest person is 141 years of age and lives in Zimbabwe.
This is according to the country's voters' roll, which has come under sharp scrutiny ahead of the July 30 election, the first in decades without longtime leader Robert Mugabe.
Bulawayo24 reports that, however, the strikingly old voters are just one concern. 
The voters' roll also reveals that more than 100 people registered at a single address and has multiple people sharing a single ID number, according to the main opposition's chief election agent, Jameson Timba.
Furthermore, Mnangagwa, who is on the race with Chamisa, is under pressure to deliver a free and fair election as a key step in lifting years of international sanctions.
Zimbabwe's past elections have been marked by accusations of violence and fraud. Mugabe banned Western election observers but Mnangagwa has welcomed them for the first time in almost two decades.
The commission has said any mistakes in the roll are being corrected. The case of the single address with more than 100 registered voters "is in fact a church shrine with 122 voters," Chigumba said.