Tens die in Indonesia ferry accident

Over 30 persons are feared dead after a ferry ran aground off the coast of Indonesia on Wednesday, an official has said.
This accident is the latest of deadly maritime accident hitting the Southeast Asian archipelago.
The KM Lestari was believed to be carrying nearly 190 people when damage to its hull forced the captain to ground the vessel on Tuesday afternoon about 300 metres (yards) off Selayar island, near the larger island of Sulawesi.
Images from the scene showed terrified passengers clinging to the side of the tipped over ferry, while others floated in the sea awaiting help.
Waves swamped the boat's deck, sweeping trucks and other vehicles on the ferry overboard, as rescuers battled high winds and rough seas to pluck victims from the water.
Indonesia's disaster agency said 34 people died in the accident while 155 passengers have been rescued, it added.
A fleet of smaller boats, including local fishing vessels, worked to save passengers as bad weather prevented larger craft from approaching the stricken ferry, the transportation ministry said.
It added that most passengers had been wearing life jackets.
"The captain and ship owner were the last two people to get off the ship," Agus H. Purnomo, a director at the ministry of transportation, said in a statement.
The 48-metre (158-foot) vessel was sailing from Sulawesi to nearby Selayar island when strong winds and high waves caused damage to its portside hull and it began taking on water.