(VIDEO) Newlyweds Narrowly Escape Falling Tree Branch During Wedding Video Shoot

Wedding videos usually show breathtaking ceremonies and loved-up couples talking about their fairytale romance that make you go "aww".
This couple's wedding video will leave you shocked. For starters, it is titled 'Newly-wed's Near Death Experience' on Facebook. Posted by Freddy Hernandez Photography & Media, the video shows the bride and groom almost being hit by a huge branch as they spoke about their love story. Talk about a wedding to remember!
Newlyweds Cheyenne and Lucas Kopeschka were finishing up an interview for their wedding video when the bizarre incident happened. The couple, talking lovingly about each other, suddenly had their attention diverted to a sound above them. Turns out it was the sound of a cracking tree branch.
The video shows the couple dart forward in the nick of time as the branch falls right where they were sitting. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident.
"This couple's love will forever be stronger than that tree..." says the Facebook caption posted along with the video, which is teaser of the wedding.
Watch the video below:

While the couple got married on June 30, the teaser of their wedding was shared on Facebook on July 3. It has since collected quite a few reactions.
"Insane!!! That's crazy. So glad they are ok, it was a matter of seconds omg! I'm in shock," says one Facebook user. "OMG! Thank God they are ok and beautiful wedding video," says another.